Are you one of the more than 22,000 registered contractors in the State of Idaho?  

If so, give yourself the edge by becoming a Professional Building Contractor (PBC). As a PBC, you demonstrate your commitment to the industry by meeting minimum training and experience standards not required for state registration. With their knowledge, experience and integrity assured, Licensed Professional Building Contractors distinguish themselves as a cut above.  

By becoming a PBC, contractors also provide assurance to consumers that they are qualified and reputable and stay up-to-date on the latest code updates and issues.  

Consumers want contractors they can trust. Become a Licensed Professional Building Contractor today.  

Forms & Applications to apply for a License

Why become licensed?

Licensure Builds Consumer Confidence.  Disreputable contractors have stigmatized the building industry through highly publicized scams, fraudulent activities and shoddy workmanship that has cost consumers, contractors, vendors and suppliers millions of dollars. Be seen as a contractor people can trust.    

Consumer Confidence Is Good Business. People want to work with professionals they can trust. Your PBC license shows you have the experience and training necessary to do the job.    


License Classifications & Requirements

Becoming Licensed

Forms & Applications to apply for a License

Licensed Professional Building Contractors Receive 8 Hours of FREE Training. Your license fees include 8 hours of continuing education on code issues at no cost, which allows you to continue to meet the qualifications for on-going licensure.    

Receive Special “PBC Only” Promotional Materials & Information. Licensed Professional Building Contractors receive a unique user name and password that provides access to FREE promotional materials and information on marketing their business.  

What Class License are you eligible for?


Upcoming Training...

Online Training Enrollment Form


Idaho Falls City Counsel Chambers
January 3, 2019
680 Park Ave
Idaho Falls, ID

8:00-9:50 am - All Things Trusses - CODE
10-11 am - Cold Weather Concreting - INDUSTRY
11 am-Noon - Troubleshooting Hardened Concrete - INDUSTRY
1-2pm - Effective Air Sealing - CODE
2-3 pm - Residential Attic Ventilation - CODE
3-4 pm - Conditioned Crawlspaces - CODE
4-5 pm - Underground Utility Damage Prevention - INDUSTRY


HERS Rater/RESNET Training


What's New...

Building industry groups have been meeting for several months in Boise to work out code adoption issues for 2013. On the table under discussion are the 2012 IBC, IRC, IECC and existing Building codes. To date, it appears that their recommendation is to adopt the 2012 IBC and Existing Building Code, and to look at possible amendments to the IRC and IECC to make them less onerous. Please see the attachments for a progress report and analysis.
2012 IECC Code Amendments
Code Collaborative Mtg Notes

Per-hour formula proposed for building-permit charges

The 2009 building code changes will become effective January 1, 2011 in Idaho

Idaho’s PBCLRB announces the launch of the new Professional Building Contractor license program.

Where to get code books -

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