The Professional Building Contractor Licensing Review Board (PBCLRB) is a voluntary program for contractors who want to be identified as being the top of their field.  Licensing shows a commitment to professionalism through continuing education on code updates and issues, and demonstrating a high level of qualifications and ethical standards

The board includes four contractors, an architect/engineer member, a member of the public and two building officials.  Members represent all areas of the state and serve four years.

Board Responsibilities

The board shall consist of eleven members to be appointed by the Board of Directors.  Prior to the initial appointment or subsequent expiration of any term of a PBCLRB member, any person, professional society, or association interested in the construction industries may submit to the Board of Directors a list of names of persons of recognized ability who have the qualifications prescribed for PBCLRB members. The Board of Directors shall give consideration to the list of names submitted and shall make an appointment to fill any vacancies.

The PBCLRB shall, to the extent qualified individuals are willing to serve, consist of the following members:

  • Two members shall be a licensed contractor or an employee of such contractor.
  • Two members shall be a licensed building contractor or an employee of such contractor.
  • Two members shall be a licensed residential contractor or an employee of such contractor.
  • One member shall be a licensed Class D contractor or an employee of such contractor.
  • Two members shall be certified building code officials within Idaho.
  • One member shall be licensed by the state of Idaho as an architect or Engineer.
  • One member shall be from the general public of the state of Idaho.

Every member, except the member from the general public, shall, at the time of the appointment, be active in the appointee’s profession or trade and have had at least five (5) years experience in such appointee’s profession or trade.

The term of office for PBCLRB members shall be four years.  Vacancies occurring before the expiration of a term shall be filled in the manner of the original appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term.  The individual members of the PBCLRB shall serve without compensation.

Time Commitments

Board members should anticipate the following time commitments:

  1. Board Meetings – Board meetings are monthly conference calls that last approximately two hours.  Once a quarter the Board attempts to meet face to face and this commitment would be one day (including travel).
  2. Training – Board members are encouraged to attend training seminars hosted by PBCLRB in their respective regions. 
  3. Committees – Board members may be assigned to serve on committees or act as committee chairs.  Time commitment is up to the committee but generally will require an additional hour per month.

For more information please call the PBCLRB office at 208-342-1270.

Board Members

Joseph F. Belloff

Ph: 208-524-6653
or 208-681-6652
Fx: 208-529-1996


Reginald Fuller

Ph: 208-612-8271
Fx: 208-612-8520


Rod Hughes

Ph: 208-557-5005
or 208-589-5815
Fx: 208-557-0140


Allen Jensen

Ph: 208-782-3179
Fx: 208-782-3868


George Klomp

Ph: 208-680-2762
Fx: 208-528-6248


Joe Levitch

Ph: 208-947-7261
Fx: 208-947-7262


Jack Meikle

Ph: 208-522-7374 x21
Fx: 208-522-7508


Thomas Dean Rice

Ph: 208-523-8406


James H. Wyatt

Ph: 208-522-8779


Executive Director
Teri Ottens

Ph: 208-342-1270
Fx: 208-321-4819



Contractor Letter
March 2, 2009

Application for the Professional Building Contractors Licensing Review Board



Upcoming Training...

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Idaho Falls City Counsel Chambers
January 3, 2019
680 Park Ave
Idaho Falls, ID

8:00-9:50 am - All Things Trusses - CODE
10-11 am - Cold Weather Concreting - INDUSTRY
11 am-Noon - Troubleshooting Hardened Concrete - INDUSTRY
1-2pm - Effective Air Sealing - CODE
2-3 pm - Residential Attic Ventilation - CODE
3-4 pm - Conditioned Crawlspaces - CODE
4-5 pm - Underground Utility Damage Prevention - INDUSTRY


HERS Rater/RESNET Training


What's New...

Building industry groups have been meeting for several months in Boise to work out code adoption issues for 2013. On the table under discussion are the 2012 IBC, IRC, IECC and existing Building codes. To date, it appears that their recommendation is to adopt the 2012 IBC and Existing Building Code, and to look at possible amendments to the IRC and IECC to make them less onerous. Please see the attachments for a progress report and analysis.
2012 IECC Code Amendments
Code Collaborative Mtg Notes

Per-hour formula proposed for building-permit charges

The 2009 building code changes will become effective January 1, 2011 in Idaho

Idaho’s PBCLRB announces the launch of the new Professional Building Contractor license program.

Where to get code books -

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